AppConfig Generator

The AppConfig Generator is a tool which assists in the generation of configuration plist for a mobile app on a device enrolled in an MDM solution.

For more information on AppConfig visit: or view the AppConfig Spec Reference

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Fill out the presented configuration options
  2. Download the plist configuration file
  3. Upload the plist to your MDM provider to be installed onto the device

The URL for the website used for the assessment.
Percentage of the screen width used by the assessment website. The rest of the screen will be used for the camera view.
The color of the camera view background.
The color of the header background.
The color of the header toolbar icons.
Text for the header title.
Determines the action that is taken when a screenshot is captured. A value of "1" indicates no action is taken. A value of "2" sends a warning to the user. A value of "3" sends a warning to the user and prevents them from continuing.