AppConfig Generator

The AppConfig Generator is a tool which assists in the generation of configuration plist for a mobile app on a device enrolled in an MDM solution.

For more information on AppConfig visit: or view the AppConfig Spec Reference

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Fill out the presented configuration options
  2. Download the plist configuration file
  3. Upload the plist to your MDM provider to be installed onto the device

The domain that Cisco Jabber uses for service discovery.
For a hybrid deployment, the domain that Cisco Jabber uses to retrieve the DNS SRV records can be different from the ServicesDomain that is used to discover the Cisco Jabber domain.
In certain deployment scenarios, services can be excluded from the service discovery process. Note: selecting all three services will result in users having to manually configure the Cisco Jabber App.
Specifies whether the user is shown the email prompt for the purposes of determining their home cluster.
Specifies the client behavior for invalid certificates.
Specifies the name of a certificate with a public key in the trusted root certificate store.